Bumptop – finally

Been trying to post this since last week but the server woes for edublogs.org kept me away. I saw this first on Lifehacker and then Merlin Mann over at 43 folders had a good take on it as well. What is it? Bumptop, a new approach to the GUI.

43 folders article 

My first take (and the take on the person in my office who also saw it with me) was COOL! I am definitely a piler (as opposed to a filer or a trasher) for all my papers around me. My real desktop is usually full of papers in piles of relativity and importance to whatever is going on at the time (usually, she says)

Now, my virtual desktop is usually much more pristine. I am a filer in the digital world with files in their folders and subfolders, etc. The need for things like Google Desktop and Spotlight go right past me because I just know where to look for stuff. I do wonder if the search tools would be faster now on my new baby (see previous post) but I’m thinking that my habits of drilling for files would be hard to break.

So, I am thinking that I would get tired of all the “shuffling” after a day or two. I have way to much open and being used at anyone time for that metaphor to work for me. Oh well, still pretty slick.

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